Looking after you and the pennies…

Welcome to Be More Squirrel, a new blog designed to help you save money.

Be More Squirrel will give you all the top tips on how to make your cash stretch further, so that you can live a happier, healthier life.

The name of this blog derives from the nature of a red squirrel, which will save up its food for the future. We hope that this blog will inspire you to Be More Squirrel – but instead of saving up acorns, you’ll be saving up pennies and pounds instead!

You will read real-life examples of how to manage your budget, such as tackling expensive days out, cutting down the cost of your weekly food shop and handling your finances for special occasions.

Although this blog is for you, we also want to hear your ideas on how to save cash! If you have any top tips that you would love to share with our readers, then please get in touch by clicking HERE. The best ideas will feature on our blog.

Also, we want to hear how these tips have helped you! Feel free to comment on our blog posts to let us know how we have helped you save money.

Happy saving!

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