How to stay chic on the cheap

Staying on trend when living on a budget can be tricky.  However, there are simple steps you can take to stretch your wardrobe and your cash that little bit further.

Keep an organised closet: This helps you see what you have and avoid unnecessary buys you don’t need

Put your thrifty cap on: If you haven’t worn an item in the last year, it’s unlikely you’re going to. Why not sell it online or if you’re the creative sort you could try making it into a new outfit.

Be a savvy shopper: It’s amazing what you can salvage from charity shops and if you really ‘need’ something new check out the sale rail first.

Look out for online offers: Buying online can be cheaper than buying on the high street, especially as many fashion websites often discount and offer voucher codes to knock the price down even more.

Restore and repair: Don’t throw out clothes just because they have a small tear or hole. Dig out the needle and thread and why not repair them instead?

Host your own swap shop party: Invite friends over to bring an item of clothing they don’t want anymore and swap it for something you no longer wear. Everyone’s a winner!

Sharing is caring: If you only need an item of clothing to wear for a one off event, see if you can borrow it from a friend or family member first.

Perfect presents: Ask for clothes or high street vouchers as gifts for special occasions such as your birthday or Christmas.

Don’t be tempted by store cards!! If you can’t pay your purchases back quickly then the interest can be very expensive which will eliminate any introductory 10 or 20% discount you got when you signed up.

If you have some money saving tips, we’d love to hear from you! Please email and we’ll be sure to share them

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