How to kick back on a budget

We all need to unwind from the pressures of modern day life. Spending time with friends and family, organising a day out or swapping the kitchen for a restaurant in town are just some of the ways we can relax. Personally though, some of these activities can often be costly, leaving me strapped for cash and stressed towards the end of the month.

It’s easy to get carried away and overspend when you want to go out and enjoy yourself but it’s even easier to find a way to cutback and save some pennies…

vouchercloud. This website and mobile app allows you to find great offers in your area, from everything to dining and days out, to fashion and fitness. All you need to do is sign up then search and select your desired voucher code! Visit the website here or download from your mobile app store.

Take advantage of deals in restaurants. Many places now offer competitive deals such as ‘Two for One’ on meals or two meals for a set price. A lot of pubs also offer themed food nights such as ‘Curry Club’ where you can get a meal and a drink off a set menu for a bargain price which works out cheaper than ordering a meal and drink separately.

DVD swap. Instead of buying brand new DVDs, why not see what DVDs your friends or family have? They may have a film you’ve been wanting to see for ages! Set up a swap and have a cosy night in.

Have friends round for a bring and share. Why not take turns within your friend group to host a get together. Invite each other over and encourage everyone to pitch in an item of food or drink which you can all share. This will reduce costs of hosting and after all, sharing is caring!

Check out your local library. Relax and let your imagination run free with a good book. Libraries offer you access to a wide range of books to take home and borrow, free of charge. Visit your local library to find out more.

Visit a local art gallery or museum. This can make a cheap, entertaining day out for families. The New Walsall Art Gallery is free of charge and has lots of interesting exhibitions, as well as activities for children. Or head into Birmingham to the Museum of Art and browse their extensive collection of works for free.

Don’t spend what you can’t afford. If you’re strapped for cash, stay in. Your bank balance will thank you for it later!

If you have any money saving suggestions that you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you! Please email and we’ll be sure to share them.





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