Lose a few festive pounds without spending any

There’s a big focus on fitness and dieting in January, after many of us inevitably over-indulge during the Christmas period. Lots of people are starting healthy eating plans and gyms are overflowing with new members.

For those who are keen to shift that extra seasonal weight but are more careful with their cash, there are ways to exercise in the comfort of your own home, without having to spend a penny or queue to use a machine.

Some of the best core strengthening exercises can be completed without the use of machinery or equipment. An example of some of these are:

Press ups. The press up uses your body strength to tone and condition muscles, particularly the pectoral (chest) and triceps. They can be done anywhere and are excellent for building that upper body strength.

Sit ups. An abdominal training exercise that works to strengthen and tone your core abdominal muscles. Perfect for those who want to work on their abs ahead of summer!

Dips. You can use a chair or your sofa to perform dips. These are an excellent way to work on your core body strength and tone up the arms.

Planks. The plank works to strengthen your abs and tone your entire body. A great core exercise for the body.

Squats. This is a body exercise that trains primarily the muscles of the thighs, hips and buttocks. Great for banishing the festive food that travelled south!

You can also use common household items as weights. A good example of this is holding a bag of sugar (1kg) in each hand whilst doing squats or using them as makeshift dumbbells and arm curling them. You can even do these whilst you’re watching EastEnders!

Not one for exercise? We’ll also be sharing ‘Dieting on a Budget’ tips with you later this month so watch this space…

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